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Auf dem UPW Network ist soeben ein Video aufgetaucht. Es handelt sich um ein Interview mit dem World Heavyweight Champion Curt Hawkins, das von Shane Douglas geleitet wird. Beide befinden sich in einer Trainingshalle, wo sie vor einem Ring sitzen und in die Kamera blicken.

Shane Douglas: "Hey there, everybody. Shane Douglas here and next to me is the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Curt Hawkins. Thanks having you here champ, we are not far away from Wrestlemania and what a Wrestlemania we are about to see. 3 days in the beautiful Hawaii from friday until sunday and on that sunday you gonna face CM Punk in the main event for your belt. Alot between you and Punk has happened in the past weeks and things got a little bit extreme. May you wanna explain us your actions and your relations with Punk?"

Curt Hawkins: "What can I say about it, you know that actions speak louder then words and when some people won't listen, they have to feel. Cabana didn't wanted to listen so he had to feel, just when someone tells you not to pet the dog cause he could bite you but you do it anyway, so the dog bites you. I was the dog in this situation, respect me or I'll bite you. I'm the World Heavyweight Champion but does anyone shake my hand after every match and say "good job"? I remember something that Seth Rollins said about me last year, that there's no scenario where Curt Hawkins being champion sounds like good news, am I right? Am I not doing a good job as a champion? Was my match against Adam Cole at Royal Rumble not good enough? It was real, wasn't it? But no, not for the people that doesn't like me. They would rather like to talk about how I won the title in the first place and that I was just lucky. You see Shane, the point here is that nobody likes me, not the fans and not even the guys in the locker. Nobody is taking me serious and this is why I can't stand CM Punk cause he does not take me serious, he's just another guy who thinks he knows better then me and Adam made the same mistake and you know how it ended."

Shane Douglas: "So you claim that the people never liked you after all these years in the UPW? I mean you are a very good wrestler, there must be someone that likes you? Aren't there any people that appreciate the things you have archived? No offence, but a honest question, what is a champion without fans, without an audience that look up at you and cheer for you?"

Hawkins lehnt sich etwas zurück und denkt nach.

Curt Hawkins: "Oh, I do have fans. I read all there responses on my Twitter every week, I even look up there comments on several Wrestlingsites sometimes. The reason why you don't see any in the arena is cause the majority who buy tickets are greasy and unwashed neckbeards. Those so called smartmarks that believe to know everything better then they actually do. They come in cheap cosplays and dirty t-shirts and talk in a strange language like, how much I suck and "you suck donkey d*ck you little f*ck", these are that kinda fans that has no respect to the sport and don't understand anything about it. You want such an audience to look up at you? Well I think Punk does not have any problem with that, he doesn't even have to put any effort in making people like him cause you can easily manipulate them. When a wrestler that the fans never liked decide to do something that makes them happy that makes him suddenly a hero, but when that wrestler decide to make things his own ways the fans suddenly turn against him, claiming that they never liked this wrestler in the first place, you see the irony? If I wouldn't had beat up Cabana, the fans may have hated me less but Cabana did not showed me the respect like no one else does. They expect from me to do what they want not how I do stuff on my terms and I made it so far in this business cause I always made things done on my own terms. It made me a two time King of the Ring and now a two time World Heavweight Champion that will carry the title to Wrestlemania. Isn't that funny? The same guy who lost most of his PPV's in 2020, but this is another thing everyone likes to talk about. They look at the numbers and yes, numbers don't lie but you shouldn't look always at the numbers. I'm not trying to deny them but I change them and then people get mad at me, wondering why I'm still here."

Shane Douglas: "You think very harsh about yourself but I see now, where your fighting spirit comes from. And you think that by beating CM Punk at Wrestlemania, ou can change the numbers or is it still possible that Punk can prove once more that he's the..."

Doch da wird er schnell unterbrochen.

Curt Hawkins: "The best in the world? This is all what is all about, not for the most precious belt in the world there is a better reason than finding out who the best is. It is the ancient question, way back when Ric Flair said that if you wanna be the men you have to beat the men. It was never about Smackdown vs. RAW, I do not care of that brand war, I can be the star on every show and I'm gonna be the star in the biggest stage of all. When was the last time, someone defended the title at Wrestlemania? 2012? It seems that this moment just waited for me to do the job that no one else was able to do. I couldn't beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, I couldn't beat the streak but I can break the curse of every champion that lost the belt at Wrestlemania before me. I'm gonne defend my title, I'm gonna beat CM Punk and prove that I'm BETTER then the best in the world. No dirty tricks, no cheating, I need only my talent to make the work done. I'm a professional and I'm sick and tired of the wrestling fans, the smartmarks who only sit on their computer and never take a shower, to not realise that. When this is all over, I will sip every drop of their tears and then will look myself in the mirror and my mirror self will shake my hand and say...good job champ. This is all I have to say, you want to hear anything more?"

Shane Douglas: "I guess you have answered every bit of what I wanna know. Thanks for joining me on this interview. We have one last show before Wrestlemania 16 and this is gonna be the Saturday Nights Main Event, where Curt Hawkins and his friend Zack Ryder will face the Second City Saints, CM Punk and Colt Cabana. See you next time."

Mit den Worten von Shane Douglas findet das Video sein Ende.


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