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Powerhouse Hobbs

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Samoa Joe: Ladys and Gentleman, welcome you to the first ever episode of Talking Smack on the UPW Network. My name is Samoa Joe and I will be the Host of this show from now on. This Show will be regularly on the UPW Network after SmackDown and RAW Shows, to discuss the events that happened during the weeklies. Maybe for the RAW Show we will change the name, because here is still everything work in progress. Many of you ask themselves now how we came up with this idea, right? I had a few appearance this year here in the UPW and the management was very satisfied with my work, what a wonder.. So they offered me this Job and I accepted immediately. Is this a way to get a contract and one day comeback in the ring? Who knows! But now enough of me we are here to discuss the latest episode of SmackDown and what an episode it was.. WOW! But before we start this whole thing…something is missing. Sure, the guest! For the first episode we wanted to start with a bang. So without further ado, please welcome, SmackDowns own Assistant Manager… Zelina Vega.

Zelina Vega: Thank you for having me on the first Talking Smack! I’m excited to be here! You made a good choice inviting me here, it seems that you have a bit class. Nice studio, by the way.

Samoa Joe: Zelina, round about two month ago you have become the new Assistant Manager of Kurt Angle, how do you like this new role and what is your general opinion about the blue brand?

Zelina Vega: I was given a great opportunity by Kurt Angle to be his assistant and it's been a great few months. I've learnt a lot of things, I believe I have grown into my new responsibilities and will be on TV more and more in the near future to hopefully take some of Kurt Angle's stress. Overall, I would say that the blue brand has manifested itself in this company after we only started out as own brand a year ago, there's already been so much history on SmackDown, from The Miz's Cash-In to the Halloween Special and I'm convinced we'll just keep getting better in 2021!

Samoa Joe: Do you think SmackDown have everything what it takes to be the number one Show in the UPW or do you think SmackDown needs more star power, someone like me could bring this in… joking apart, do you think RAW is became stronger especially after the draft?

Zelina Vega: I know that many have talked about Raw getting more stars and on paper, I'd agree. But Kurt's approach to this Draft was not to pick the biggest names, no, he wanted people for SmackDown that really identify with our brand and what we stand for. Afterall, SmackDown IS the Land of opportunity and Kurt said, he'd rather have young and upcoming talent on the show that can really shine in the spotlight now. Because in a year's time, for the next draft, some of these young men will be among those big names brands will want to pick - and then most of them will be loyal to SmackDown wherever they get drafted. Plus, we have the Undisputed Era, Jon Moxley, Jeff Hardy, Seth Rollins, MJF - I think we're good, Joe. Though we would always welcome someone of your caliber, of course!

Samoa Joe: So let’s talk about the last episode of SmackDown. I would like to start with the shocking TV Title Match between Edge and Gibson, a Match that you have scheduled. Why you gave Gibson the spot and what do you think about the end of the match and the new champion?

Zelina Vega: It definitely came to many people as a shock but that's why we introduced the TV title! A championship that is unpredictable, that could change in an instant. Edge was a fantastic first Champion after we brought the title back, I think we couldn't have asked for a better Champion to hush out this new era. And for the amazing Fatal 4-Way at Wrestlemania alone, it was worth it re-introducing the belt. Zack Gibson was part of said match and after he had a rough start to his career on SmackDown, he really picked things up this year, which culminated in his win at Saturday Night's Main Event. Obviously, all of the competitors from that Wrestlemania match would have been deserving of another title shot and I'm pretty sure this might still happen for Hangman and Ali. But by giving Gibson the first shot, we really threw a curve at Edge and Gibson became the man to dethrone him. Not without some 'help' from Christian Casanova though. Still, congratulations to Zack Gibson, he might have to defend his title again soon enough so he'd better make the most of his reign, just like Edge did!

Samoa Joe: We had also a debut in the Show… Matanza. What can you tell us about this creature? Probably James Mitchell has undertaken all the formalities but did you know what kind of Wrestler do you gave a contract?

Zelina Vega: I did not know about Matanza, no. Obviously, I knew as much as everyone else that Mitchell was bringing in someone - or something. But the only people who knew who it would be, were Mitchell and Kurt, so they'd keep it a surprise. I think it worked, I didn't expect Matanza but I was fairly impressed by him! He's truly a different beast and I simultaneously can't wait and fear what he'll do on SmackDown and to the rest of the roster!

Samoa Joe: Another hot topic is this new feud between Seth Rollins and Raven. It seems that Raven not only attacked Seth physically but now he tries to break him mentally. What is your opinion about these actions?

Zelina Vega: Raven is as much a mystery to me as Matanza's signing was beforehand. I really don't know what is going on with him but it feels like he's gotten into Seth Rollins' head now. Trust me, I know Seth Rollins really well, he's usually strong-willed and not really perceptile for these kind of things. But the Seth we're seeing since his loss at Wrestlemania, that's not the same man. He definitely has a lot of doubt, a lot of anger, he's in a critical period of his career. He's questioning everything he stood for this past year while also trying to hold onto it. We knew going into such a monumental match against Kazuchika Okada, both men would come out changed and I believe we're now starting to see the full effects of these changes on Seth. As much as he just wanted to fight Raven last show, it seems like he also knows there's truth to Raven's words. This could go in any direction from here on out.

Samoa Joe: Last but not least. The World Tag League. We have seen an unstoppable Undisputed Era and a curios but very successful team like Mox and Darby. What are your thoughts about these Teams and which is the team that at the end will be on top?

Zelina Vega: Those teams all impressed me with the unity they showed. Moxley and Darby, they're not known to be team players, even though Moxley has been leading a stable for the most time of last year. Still, he's not the man you expected to see in the World Tag League. But that just shows how much Darby has impressed him in their first match on SmackDown. I think when it comes down to tag team strategy, I would have picked The North as the winners, considering they've been the Champs for the last couple of months but they're also going through the changes right now after losing the title. I believe once they find their old groove in a new role, they'll be a tougher challenge for future opponents, so they definitely came at an oppertune time for Moxley and Darby. The Undisputed Era has been impressive as well, they've been through a LOT these last months and I didn't see them performing so well from the get-go. Strong and Cole are great competitors, but they're single competitors. They've been single Champs for most of 2020. That doesn't automatically make you great team, especially if your leader almost killed the group. But it seems they truly are a brotherhood and I'm excited to see if they can keep this form going. O'Reilly and Fish on the other hand, they've been teaming all their career and even though they haven't competed for a while now, it's like riding a bike for them. Beating the Lucha Bros is huge, some might even call it an upset and it's very valuable points to start out the block. Now I've been talking about these teams for so long without answering your question: Who do I see on top? I believe, the Lucha Bros will bounce back more dangerously from this loss and claim the top spot of the SmackDown block! In close second I see the Undisputed Era but which team? Well, it all depends on who will win when they'll fight each other. That's a match that will really test their strength as a unit!

Samoa Joe: I think this is a great end for the first Talking Smack. Thank you for beeing my Guest, Zelina! With that beeing said, tu e on again next week for the episode after RAW... My name is Samoa Joe and night night to everyone.

Großes Danke an Luv. Für die nächste Ausgabe, hat sich schon jemand gemeldet.


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