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Powerhouse Hobbs

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Samoa Joe: "Ladys and Gentleman, I welcome you to a new episode of Talking Smack. I would like to apologize again for the ending of the last episode. But tonight we will make it up to you with a very special Guest. Tonight we do things different. We don’t have a current Superstar on the Show, we also don’t have an authority figure on the show. Tonight we have a Legend on the show! He is a former two time UPW World Heavyweight Champion and a Legend in the Wrestling Industry. Please welcome....... THE NATUURE BOY RIC FLAIR!"

Samoa Joe: "I’m honored that you are here tonight Ric. How you doing? The last time we saw you were in November when your Daughter had an Issue with Tessa. What you have done in the last few months?"

Ric Flair: "First of all thank you for the nice words and having this old man here on your Show. The last months were a little rough through this whole Bullshit what is going on in the world today but I’m healthy, happy and I enjoy my retirement being THE NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR WOOOOW! A nice side effect to have a lot of time is that I can enjoy the whole UPW Shows."

Samoa Joe: "Nice to hear that you are doing well. I’m very excited to have you here and hearing your opinion about the current Superstars of the UPW. As you mentioned you are watching our Shows. So what is your opinion about the UPW?"

Ric Flair: "To tell you the truth I was very surprised that the UPW had an high... especially in the time around Wrestlemania. In my opinion this was one of the best Wrestlemania that we have seen in the UPW since many years. The UPW had rough times but this fresh new breeze had helped to reach new heights and that is very difficult in these times where Wrestling is not so popular like it was when I was active in the ring. Big kudos to all the management and talent of the UPW. It’s always difficult to maintain the heights but UPW did a good job in building up new talents, take under contract the best free agents and paired with the one that are here since many years it is a very good mix."

Samoa Joe: "Speaking about Talents, which ones impressed you the most?"

Ric Flair: "Impossible not to mentioned the ones that are carrying this company on her backs for years now like Undertaker, Hawkins, The Undisputed Era or guys like Punk, Rollins, Miz who busted their asses to became Superstars in the UPW. Than we also had crazy comebacks like Okada, Reigns, Edge and completely new talent like Kross, Casanova and MJF. Not to forget the womans division or amazing athletic guys like Omega, Hardy, The Lucha Bros, Gibson and Jay White. As you see the complete roster is very competitive and well positioned. A unspoken rule that the lockeroom leaders have is to maintain the motivation, the passion and fire to transfer them to new ones, it’s something that goes hand in hand."

Samoa Joe: "I think we have plenty locker room leaders which are role models for the new guys entering the UPW. Rollins, Hawkins, The Era. Every time I’m visiting the performance center they are there to train. This is the reason why guys like Reigns, MJF, Edge and Casanova tell to themselves that they have to bust their asses to get there where these guys are. I can talk hours with you about these things Ric but let us talk about the last SmackDown Show.. Tell me what where your highlights of the show."

Ric Flair: "The Highlight was the TV Title win of Rodi against Gibson. Gibson started to become a good champion and now it’s already over. I hope Gibson will continue like this and then he will be soon champion again. Rodi instead have to improve his standing as champion after his run as IC Champ. Speaking of the IT Title the feud between Jeff and Slater is gathering pace and I’m excited to see the rematch. Then there is this crazy story between Seth and Raven, oh good lord this is something that captivates you, you want to know what’s next. Edge is experiencing a second spring and he helps to put Casanova on the map. And how we can’t talk about MJF, this little son of a gun reminds me of me. He mixes the oldschool with the new school, I think he is ready to be in the Main Event. Another son of a gun is Dario Cueto he has elevated the Traingulo de la muerte a lot! I don’t know him personally but he fits perfect in the wrestling business. Also to be honest the presence of Roman Reigns at SmackDown was also good, I would like to see him as a permanent SmackDown Superstar."

Samoa Joe: "That was a really good recap Ric and it proves that you like the UPW a lot. Maybe we will see you soon again on screen, maybe again on the side of Charlotte.. she could need help for her Ultimate X Match at Judgement Day. I can only thank you for your time; you are welcome at any time."

Ric Flair: "I think it would make more sense if we see you more on screen, especially in the ring again. If I was at your age I wouldn’t host a show, I would still be THE stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun!"

Samoa Joe: "HAHAH! This is the perfect end for this episode of Talking Smack. Thank you for watching and Night Night!"


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