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Samoa Joe: "Ladys and Gentleman, here we are again for another episode of Talking Smack! After the last week where we had the legend, the nature boy Ric Flair as guest. Tonight we will have a man as guest, who had big issues with Bray Wyatt which were so personal that his family life was influenced deep. But now it seems that he has left everything behind and together with Dolph Ziggler they are rocking the World Tag League! Pleas welcome, The Miz!"

Samoa Joe: "Welcome to Talking Smack Miz! Usually I talk with my guests first about their current situation but we will do this time a little bit different because I have a surprise for you later. So let’s talk first about the current RAW Show. If you don’t mind…"

Miz: “Thank you for the invitation, Joe. We do as you like it is your show and not MizTV.“

Mit einem Augenzwinkern übergibt er A-Lister das Wort an Samoa Joe, der sich sehr über die angenehme Art von The Miz freut um einige interessante Dinge zu diskutieren.

Samoa Joe: " I want to talk about the TV Title win of Matt Hardy against Rodrick Strong. What do you think about that? And what is your general opinion about the TV Title?"

Miz: “To be honest, I was pretty surprised about that. But I think Strong just wanted too much. He wrestled every damn show. I admire that will, but as myself, Strong isn’t the youngest anymore. To perform every week or even twice a week is hard. About the title, I don’t like the fact of another title around. Everybody needs to earn his gold and the more titles there are, the easier it gets for everybody, especially if you defend it every single show, but that is not mine to decide. For the fans however it is great to see a title match every week.“

Samoa Joe: " You are now a long time in the UPW…at RAW you have seen an old face back in the ring… Wade Barrett. Do you think that this was really a one night only thing or do you think he has tasted blood especially after his win against Omega?"

Miz: “I was impressed how good in shape he is and that’s why I asked myself, why didn’t he comeback sooner? He had a career ending match with the boss, but as it looked nobody had a problem with that. So I think Kevin Owens should run, because we know his interference cost Barrett the match five years ago, but maybe the office won’t allow it. We will see.“

Samoa Joe: "We also have seen a mixed tag team Match with the participants of the money in the bank ladder match that will take place at Judgement Day. Who is your favorite and why?"

Miz: “I was in four Money in the Bank matches and won it twice. That is not easy and you need a lot to be succesful. Not just pure wrestling is needed and that makes it difficult. You need to be smart to win that and as far as that is concerned, I would say MJF is the smartest in the match, but he is too young and cocky, that will cost him the match. Reigns and McIntyre hit the hardest, but I’ll go with Seth Rollins as my favorite. He has the experience and the tactics to win this, but he needs to keep his focus on the briefcase and not on Park like tonight.

Samoa Joe: "At Judgement we will also see Karrion Kross vs Aleister Black, after everything that happened on RAW, Kross can't count on his Cult. On the other hand Black will have the support of the Ministry, do you think that Kross has any chance to win this battle?"

Miz: “I think he has a chance, because I don't believe that Black has total control about someone like Kane. This monster has his own head and maybe Black brought himself a big problem in by himself. So, yes Kross has a chance. There is always a chance."

Samoa Joe: "The Main Event of the PPV will be Punk vs Hawkins. High stakes are on the line. The loser will not be able to compete for the highest title in the UPW as long as the other has the title. What are your thoughts about that?"

Miz: “Well as we just talked about Money in the bank briefcases. After Judgement Day we will have two briefcases. The title can change really fast at the moment, that lowers the stakes. As a competitor however, you have to admit that whoever wins this is the better man. I fought a lot of battles against Hawkins. Punk showed how strong he is since the Royal Rumble, he deserved his title win. May the better man win.“

Samoa Joe: "Miz I know that you are an honest man and that is way let us call the spade a spade. What do you think about Dolph Ziggler and his action in the last few weeks? Everybody can see that you don’t like the methods that he uses to get the wins."

Miz: “Honestly? That is not how I want to win this thing and I can understand that people are upset. He takes us the opportunity to prove that we are better than the others and give them reasons to think. I think we deserve to be on the of the table at the moment. We are a new team, there are so many old teams who fight together for years and you don’t see any difference to Ziggler and me, that is really great, but how he finishest he matches, I will talk about it with him. I wasn’t happy that he just signed me up for this, he is now just doing his thing and does not really think about us as a team. He does what he wants and not what is best for us as a team.“

Samoa Joe: "I think I can remember that this is only a temporary thing until the WTL ends. Do you still think the same way?

Miz: “I still see it that way, but maybe that’s not even in my hands. As I said we are on the top oft he table and I can’t split the team if we become the new Tag Team Champions.“

Samoa Joe: "I have a surprise for you Miz. He insisted also to be here tonight and since you are partners. I will also would like to introduce to this show, Dolph Ziggler!"

Samoa Joe: "Dolph, welcome to my show. You have heard what your partner said about you. What is your opinion and what is your point of view?"

Ziggler: “Thanks Joe. Mike, I can’t believe what you are talking about here. I am doing nothing just for me. I do everything to win and I remember times where you did the same thing, that made you a champion, not just once. You are right we are the better team and I do everything that the result shows that. You look on the table. I do everything for us and it is about time you do the same thing. I am sick of the complaining, about me winning the matches. Since I am here, I am the only one here who did something for you. And the time before? I saw it on live television, you were looking for help to find you wife and who came? NOBODY! Not a single fan and not a single friend, not even a official of the company! So what is this all about? Why are you do something for them? You want to win and I want to win, that is why I choose you, so don’t tell me that I shouldn’t do something to help us get there.“

The Miz wird etwas kleinlaut und nachdenklicher.

Miz: “But we can win without those tricks.“

Ziggler: “Do you watch the other matches? You think Cherry and the Bunny are just there as cheerleaders? I know what Imperium and the others do, when they get the chance, everybody cheats in this company. I am just making sure we get what we deserve and that we are not the ones cheated one. So tell me again, who else than me is really on your side? The office? The fans? Any of our opponents? They were all here when Maryse was kidnapped and nobody helped you or her. Even your damn neighbours did nothing when Bray was at your house. I wasn’t in the company at the moment, but since I am here, nothing has happened to you except being on top of the World Tag League. So maybe you should think about this team a little bit more, because I don't see anyone doing more for you than me.“

The Miz ist tatsächlich komplett sprachlos und nachdenklich in sich zusammen gekehrt. Dolph scheint hier einen wunden Punkt getroffen zu haben. Samao Joe, weiß auch nicht genau was er jetzt sagen soll, es herrscht eine gewisse Stille, dann steht The Miz auf und geht. Samao Joe will ihn noch aufhalten, aber Ziggler geht dazwischen.

Ziggler: “Let him go, he needs time with his family, now.“

Joe nickt nur und draaufhin verlässt Ziggler auch die Show. Joe versucht die Situation mit Humor zu nehmen.

Samoa Joe: "We ran out of guests, so it's time to say goodbye.Talking Smack will be back after RAW on 07.06. with a lot of new topics espacially after Judgement Day and the following RAW show. Night Night!"


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