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Sie ist zurück, die Broken Skull Session in der UPW. Nach der damaligen Erstausgabe folgte nun lange Zeit keine weitere mehr doch nun haben wir unsere nächste Episode wie schon unter der Woche angekündigt. Wir sind nun direkt bei Steve Austin der in seinem Aufbau der Session sitzt und für seine Verhältnisse fröhlich grinst. Die UPW Legende hebt das Wort und verät uns nun wer sein Gast sein wird.

Steve Austin: " Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Stone Cold Steve Austin, but if you don´t know that by now you must have been living under a rock for the last two decades or you have been drinking the right buzz at the absolut wrong time. It´s been a while but the Broken Skull Session is back here in the UPW and for that return I have invited one of my favorite Wrestlers and proably one of the best in ring performer that ever laced the boots in this sport. So without further I do please welcome the UPW NXT Champion ... Kenny Omega! "

Die Kamera fährt nun nach hinten und wir sehen den ganzen Raum in welchem die Session stattfindet. Daher sehen wir am anderen Tischende auch nun Kenny Omega grinsend sitzen. Vor ihm auf dem Tisch hat er seinen NXT Titel hingestellt, sodass er auch gut zu sehen ist.

Steve Austin: " So I´m happy fo have you here in my Broken Skull Session. Important things first? Want a beer? "

Kenny grinst breit und gibt Steve natürlich gerne Antwort.

Kenny Omega: "First of all thanks for the invitation. It means alot for me to be here on your Broken Skull Session. Sitting here and talk with one of the best from the best. Stone Cold Steve Austin the man from one of the geratest era this buisness had ever seen. So what would be better than this ? Of course to drink with a beer with you. So yes I want a damn beer. "

Steve Austin: " Great, I did not except anything else, to be perfectly honest beer is also the only thing my fridge has to offer. Haha. "

Beide Lachen nun laut los und Austin greift links neben sich wo ein kleiner Kühlschrank wohl in den Tisch eingebaut zu sein scheint und packt sich zwei halbe Liter Dosen feinteste El Sugendo Dosen hervor welche extra für die Broken Skull Session gemacht wurden. Beide machen es nun auf und stoßen auch erstmal an. Dann genehmigen sich beide einen Schluck. Dann stellen beide ihre Dosen ab und Austin zögert auch nicht lange und legt gleich mit der nächsten Frage los.

Steve Austin: " So Kenny I have you here as NXT Champion. During your career you collected mostly every title that was able to collect. Yet you never won a World Title in UPW. But I want to talk about the NXT Championship. What does this title means to you? Is this the real biggest price on RAW ? Not so long ago that Championship was from the NXT brand so it had his evolution. "

Kenny rückt sich ein wenig auf dem Stuhl zurecht bevor er antwortet.

Kenny Omega: "Well that`s a very good question Steve. You are right this was the former NXT Championship from the NXT brand. When we look back you saw the evolution of that brand. From a development brand to a part of the main roster. I was there and I was the only one who held the NXT Championship twice. So what I want to say is that my evolution inside the UPW is merged with the NXT Championship and that makes this belt so important to me. When they decided to unified the X Division Championship with this belt right here, I knew at the beginning it is my destiny to take it and give this belt the prestige that it deserves. Thanks to Seth Rollins this championship means now more that I could ever dream off. "

Kenny hebt einen Finger und gönnst sich erst einmal einen weiteren Schluck Bier. Er setzt die Dose wieder ab und fährt nochmals fort.

Kenny Omega: "For sure I want to be World Heavyweight Champion inside the UPW but as long I have the chance to hold this beauty around my waist I will do everything to keep it. Count on it. "

Steve Austin: " But let´s put the cards on the table here Kenny ... it this title really fitting for you? The story is nice of being former two time NXT Champ back on NXT and not holding it on RAW, it reads like it comes full circle but is this the belt that fits to one of the greatest in ring perfomer? If you are so good, so damn good at something doesn´t that mean you need to have the highest and biggest price that there is? To me it sounds like a bit of an excuse to not go after the big one. To cerment yourself as one of the best ever you have to be World Champion at least once. I think Kenny Omega is too big for the NXT Championship. "

Kenny hebt überraschend die Augenbraue nach oben und fühlt sich jetzt schon ein wenig reumüdig. Doch er versucht es zu unterdrücken.

Kenny Omega: "Wow I appreciate the way how you look on it. Surely my goal is at one point to become the World Heavyweight Champion. I think it is a dream for each and everybody. Every wrestling company has a World Champ and every star of a company wants to become the Champion at all. On the other side I feel that I have enough time for it. I`m in the best shape since years. Why should I pass the NXT belt voluntarily ? Just to go to the next level ? No I want to keep a championship as long as pssoible and maybe I could have one than more belts around my waist. My goal to walk into Wrestlemania as the NXT Champion and face the World Champion hasn`t come true but when I walk into the grandest stage of them all Steve. You have to admit that the next goal is to keep every championship that you have. One day I will go for the World Championship but until this , the NXT Champonship is my little big planet. "

Steve Austin: " Now I would like to talk about your other passion and that cleary is gaming. See I don´t have much to do with that stuff, I can barely handle my smartphone. I´m more handy with beer if you know what I mean. Anyway the love you have for gaming is no secret you have a youtbe channel you are on twitch as well. The question is ... how effects the gaming passion the wrestling passion? "

Kenny muss erst einmal daraufhin lachen, dann versucht er es Steve zu erklären.

Kenny Omega: "Both wrestling and gaming have very nice cultures. My babysitter had the NES System and I came in contact with Punch Out, Super Mario Bros. and of course Mega Man. For you Punch Out is a boxing game which had Mike Tyson at the end as the main boss. You know the name Mike Tyson isn`t it ? "

Steve und Kenny müssen schmunzeln, natürlich kennt Steve Mike Tyson, das ist aber eine andere Geschichte.

Kenny Omega: "When I started back then with wrestling I used some name for my moves. Example One I yell STOOP . The Opponent is perplex doesn`t know what`s happen and then Step Up Enzugiri and I called it the Flash Mans Time Stopper. Flash Ma was a boss in Mega Man who could stop the time. Easy right but to know my finisher now called the One Winged Angel, named after the title of Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth score. There is alot more but that`s just two examples to talk about. When I play a game like my all time favourite Final Fantasy VII Remake is the perfect game with a perfect balance and I want to reach every achievment every goal that you can get like in any other game. The same thing is for me in wrestling and we are coming back to of what you`ve said the collector. If I have a championship , if I win a match it is like I unlocked a new achievment in a game. It lets me enjoy every single second of my life. Two passions that I combined and I love to live with this. If you remember Steve at the last two Wrestlemanias I was dressed as Video Game Charakters. "

Austin nickt, richtig mitreden kann er hier bei diesem Thema ja nicht. Austin nippt wieder an seinem Bier, setzt es ab und legt dann nach.

Steve Austin: " Yeah, two very iconic entrances and those creatuve entrances fit to you. Back in my days it would not fit to my Stone Cold character but I always dreamt of riding the beer truck for an match entrance. Haha. Speaking of Wrestlemania. Every year is special but this year is more special as it will take place on Hawaii for the very first time. Will we see you coming down ton tehr ing riding the wave on a surfboard ... I can see you as a silver surfer. "

Kenny schaut Steve nickend an , als dieser weiter redet und staunt auch nicht schlecht von Steve`s Idee.

Kenny Omega: "Surfboard and Silver Surfer would be a nice idea but I think I have something elese in my mind but with all the respect I don`t want to talk about it because I want that my Wrestlemania entrance will be a surprise for everybody. Hey when I think about you Steve I remember one special entrance from you at one Wrestlemania. When your music played the glass shatters sound and this huge glass wall shattered in pieces and you come through this pieces was pure gold. Simple but effective. Maybe at one day I will pay tribute for you and come down as Stone Cold. "

Kenny lacht laut auf und macht die Steve Austin Pose , wenn dieser gerade auf den Turnbuckle stehen würde und nimmt sich nochmal einen Schluck vom Bier.

Kenny Omega: "Oh my beer is empty do we have another one ? "

Steve Austin: " What a bar man would I be if I just have one beer? "

Austin grinst und greift dann wieder in seinen kleinen Kühlschrank und gibt Kenny sehr gerne ein neues Bier. Austin trinkt dann auch seinen schnell leer und öffnet sich ebenfalls eine neue Dose. Beide stoßen gemeinsam wieder an bevor Austin wieder eine Frage hat.

Steve Austin: " Kenny, you now are a UPW Superstar for some years know, you´ve been in this business multiple years and you have seen many things. I guess it´s fair to say that you have quite a status in the business. You are no newby but yet no real legend and by the looks of what you do in the ring you have still many years to come. But right now I would like to talk with you about the future, the future of this business. The temporary rosters is full with great and young talents. But beyond that roster the world has to offer many great wrestlers. How do you think has the potential to be THE top guy ind ... 5 to 10 years? "

Omega nimmt nochmal einen Schluck vom Bier, während er dei Frage gestellt bekommt.

Kenny Omega: "Interesting question Steve. There alot of new guys which I think has the potential to be the next TOP guy. Look who we have here. A very talented Mustafa Ali. A raw fiighter like Zack Gibson. The mexican flyers the Lucha Brothers. Or someone as charismatic as MJF. I can`t name them at all but these are guys who can reach some higher level. Or just look at the Unrivaled Roster so many great guys. Out there on the Independent scene there are alot more to come the next generation has something. Oh and I don`t want to forget the womens division Steve. This division is alot different than in your prime. If I will get the chance to work with the best I`m fine with that. That`s the best what you can do in this buisness. That`s also what these young talants has to know. Face the best and like the life is , you will still learn on your way. "

Steve Austin: " The pool if talents who are currently under UPW contract is massive and very huge. UPW Unrivaled was just the perfect step for all the talents to get the time to show theirselves and to shine. Now as legend I can sit back an relax and can watch all those guys doing their work and when I´m arround I absolute love to talk about them. Fantastic guys ... I´m a fan of Christian Casanova. That dude is a born superstar to me. "

Kenny Omega: "Oh yes Christian Casanova. Did I forget him ? They are so many here right now I can`t mention them all. "

Steve Austin: " Right now I would like to talk with you about another very significant periode in your career .. The Bullet Club. Kenny I absolute loved everythin you and the guys did and to me The Bullet Club is just one of a kind. A group of so many man, telling so many stories, having members all over the globe is simply amazing. And all the fans would love to see the Club back together. How huge is the possibility to have the Bullet Club back on the UPW landscape, Kenny? "

Kenny nimmt sich wieder einen Schluck aus seiner Bierdose und blickt Steve an, diese Frage häte er wohl nicht gerechnet in diesem Moment.

Kenny Omega: "At this moment I don`t see the comeback of the Bullet Club because I`m fine to walk around here on my own but hey like you also know in our buisness there is one thing for sure. Never say never. "

Ein knappe Antwort die auf den Punkt ist aber sicherlich vielen fans so nicht reichen würde. Austin und Kenny lächeln sich hier auch zu und nippen dann wieder an ihrem Bier. Dann erhebt Austin wieder die Stimme.

Steve Austin: " Kenny, the UPW Universe is always talking about dream matches and right now as we live in a time where we had great returns so far this is a very hot topic. We´ve been there, you had faced simple everybody that there is today all the greats from Seth Rollins ... Okada ... Jon Moxley. But Kenny if you could bring back someone from the past, anyone ... who would you like the face in your dream match? And don´t come up with my name, right? I would whop your ass, haha. "

Kenny muss nun auch lachen und haut kurz auf den Tisch.

Kenny Omega: "Damn that would be a match I really want. But let me think. Kenny Omega against The Rock would be awesome. Or a good hardcore match against Cactus Jack I would love it. BUT If I had another dream match in my mind without me it would be Stone Cold Seve Austin against Drew McIntyre. Or when it comes to some idiots MJF against JBL in his prime. There are so many oh ha wait ... one dream match for sure. Kenny Omega against The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels or Bret Hitman Hart. Damn so many in my mind right now. "

Jetzt wird auch die zweite Bierdose von Kenny geleert. Austin und er lachen nach all diesen Dreammatches die Kenny hier rausgehauen hat. Austin selbst leert nun seine Dose und holt gleich noch zwei neue raus. Dann hat er ein paar abschließende Worte.

Steve Austin: " For most of those matches I would pay good money. Kenny the time has come ... time is up. I thank you for your time, your honesty. This was absolut fun for me. "

Beide nehmen nun ihre Bierdosen und stoßen an. Wir hören die Entrance Musik von Austin im Hintergrund und sehen wie die beiden sich noch etwas unterhalten während die Kamera langsam aus der Sequenz heraus zoomt.

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