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Powerhouse Hobbs

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Samoa Joe: "Ladys and Gentleman, welcome to the second episode of Talking Smack! I’m your host, Samoa Joe. The first episode was a full success, so we will continue the same way. Tonight we will talk about the last RAW episode. It was a full packed show with so many Superstars in it. One of them we will be my guest tonight. He is a very talented young man, who had a rough start in the UPW but he has begun to make a name for himself and now he will have a great chance to reach an unexpected goal so early in his career. We will talk in a few moments about this topic and about the whole RAW show. Please welcome my guest tonight…. SIMON JAMES KIPPEN!"

SJK: “Thank you for the nice introductory words. As you have already correctly explained, my early days in the league were certainly not very successful but I think losing to MJF is no shame. There were already some before me and there will be many more who will share this fate after me. But whatever you want to talk to me about, whether the good times or the bad, I am at your disposal.“

Samoa Joe: "Let’s talk about the here and now… at RAW you have received a nice surprise. William Regal has given you a big chance. You will compete in the money in the bank ladder match at Judgement Day. What are your feelings about this? Drew McIntyre will also be part of the match form the RAW brand, who do you think will be the others competitors?"

SJK: “Good question. The RAW roster has so many exciting names in its ranks. A The Miz? Who is actually represented in the tag team tournament. A Roman Reigns? Karion Kross? Buddy Murphy? Curt Hawkins? There are so many options. And as you said, it's a very big surprise, even for me, that I should be a representative of the show. I can only hope that I can also hold back Willam Regal's trust in me. After signing the contract, this was my best moment in this promotion so far. And who knows… everything is possible! Someone talked about a Cinderella-Story and maybe this will really happen at the end. We will see. In any case, Drew is of course already a tough nut to crack, but if you want to go high, you have to compete with opponents who seem too big at first glance. But only those who stretch can finally reach the stars.“

Samoa Joe: "William Regal is known for not being the nicest guy around. He has choosen you and Drew McIntyre two guys who are not the type of person Regal usually chooses. Are you afraid that this could be a trap or something like that?"

SJK: “I'm not worried about that. I'm relatively new to the red squad and have therefore not yet had contact with Mister Regal. So I don't know whether he's up to something bad, but I can't really imagine either. Why should he do this? Why is he drafting me from SmackDown to RAW only to expose me? No. It doesn't make sense to me. In my opinion, this action simply throws me into the coldest and deepest pool that this show has to offer to check whether and, if so, how well I can swim. It's more of a kind of application test to determine what you can do with me in the future at RAW.“

Samoa Joe: "Interesting point of view. Let’s talk a little about what we have witnessed on Monday. CM Punk and Curt Hawkins are in an intense feud for the World Heavyweight Championship. But we should not forget that Karion Kross is the Money in the bank brief case holder and can cash in when you don’t expect it. But at the moment he has some trouble with Aleister Black.. We have here quite a tricky situation. What do you think about that?"

SJK: “These are all regions in which I am still a long way from being. Punk as a world champion is great, but Hawkins also had a great reign. Both are excellent personalities that you can definitely look up to. Whether I see them as role models, that goes a little too far because I don't try to imitate anyone or to become like wrestler xyz, but I want to be someone myself one day who has left his mark on this sport. I'm still a long way from that, but with the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, I could take a giant step in this direction. So far I'm happy to be able to be under contract with the UPW and whether I give my best at RAW or SmackDown doesn't matter, because there were feuds and actors that were really special in both shows.“

Samoa Joe: "But apart from your situation. Let's focus on the last RAW epsiode. What is your opinion on the feuds just mentioned and who will prevail in the end? What do you think of Aleister's Black offer to Karion Kross?"

SJK: “If I were Karion Kross I would think twice about answering Black's call. The dark side to convert the Money in the Bank winner to is seductive. I speak from experience because I was there once too. It's an intoxicating feeling but at some point it really eats you up inside. Therefore I am glad that I made the jump and I advise Kross to stand firm so as not to make a mistake that he will regret one day. But wherever we are on feuds, the meeting between Roman Reigns and Buddy Murphy really appealed to me, because there was a certain intensity there and the sparks were sparkling. Two truly exceptional talents.“

Samoa Joe: "I would like to hear from you about the NXT title feud between Pete Dunn with his Mentor Wade Barrett and Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega wants his title back and he had a nice idea for the match stipulation, what do you aspect from this match?"

SJK: “First of all, it's always nice to hear when other superstars praise matches with me. To see Pete and Kenny face one another in a duel will be fantastic. The fact that Wade is hanging from the ceiling in a shark cage sounds exciting. Hopefully he's not afraid of heights. Joking aside ... of course, Kenny will certainly increase his chances of triumph and the associated recovery of the NXT belt, but Pete Dunne is an extremely dangerous contemporary. So, despite the stipulation, taking the title from him will not be an easy thing for Mister Omega. Not that Dunne turns out to be the Alpha…. If you know what I mean.“

Samoa Joe: "Heh! I see with you did there! Ok ,Simon one last question for you. The WTL is fully underway and the red brand have some amazing teams.. who do you think will be on top at the end and why?"

SJK: “Probably speaking on behalf of all wrestling fans that I was very happy about the participation of Deuce N Domino. These are simply two unique superstars in the industry and give this tournament a little more color. I also find the combination of Dolph Ziggler and The Miz really interesting, because I didn't expect this merger at all. Simon says ... that the reigning champions already have excellent cards after two wins. Anything can happen in the end, but I like the Mack Pack in the role of the hunted and I can imagine that it will stay that way for a while. I would treat all participants to it…….. Before you declare this interview over, however, allow me a counter question out of sheer curiosity. When will you actively get back into the ring in the UP-Dub? I would check the day in red on the calendar as an absolute highlight. JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU!“

Samoa Joe: "Joe says... only god knows! Ladys and gentleman this was the second episode of Talking Smack! I say Thank you for beeing my guest tonight to Simon James Kippen, a young talented guy with a very bright future! i hope to see you all next week for next epsiode of Talking Smack. Night Night!"


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