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Samoa Joe: "Ladys and Gentleman, welcome you the third Talking Smack Show here on the UPW Network. We have received a lot of good feedback so that we will continue our journey and bring to you the freshest, coolest and most informative content on the whole UPW Network. As you already know, we will discuss the last episode of SmackDown and again it was an unbelievable Show! So many things are happened and we will talk about this thing with another special Guest tonight. He is the former Intercontinental Champion. Please welcome Heath Slater!"

Samoa Joe: "Welcome to my Show Heath! It’s been a very movimentated past few months for you. First the whole Story with the Undisputed Era, than the moment when you was on top and being the IC Champion but also the fall down and rivalry with Jeff Hardy. How you feel about all these things?"

Slater: „Sorry to correct you Joe, but I didn’t fall down, Jeff did and because of a malfunction the title came down with him. That is why I am so furious about the loss at Wrestlemania. I worked so hard for all this months, I single handed eliminate the whole Era at the Rumble, I used the chance they gave me and I was very proud of finally becoming the Intercontinental Champion. But then happened, what I already told you.“

Samoa Joe: "Let’s talk a little bit more about your current rivalry with Jeff hardy and especially that was happened on SmackDown. First you attacked him backstage and buried him in ladders, than later in the show he tried to get his revenge and you superkicked him in the head. Do you have decided to have a ladder match? Do you think it is contra productive to treat Jeff like that, I mean we have seen something strange… I don’t know If the name Willow, sounds familiar to you?"

Slater: „Willow? Who? Does he use other paint for that or no paint at all? I don’t care what is wrong in Hardy’s head as long as the title is on the line, I can tell you the winner. And no, it won’t be a ladder match. You saw Wrestlemania. I was standing, Hardy was falling down and the title came down with him. That is not how wrestling match should end, where the winner is down in the floor and the looser is standing up. Everybody saw that the better wrestler lost the match and I choose a match where that can’t happen. “

Samoa Joe: "My last question about this rivalry is about another aspect… some people say that the IC Title has lost value in the past months and you were involved in this last months in the titlepicture. What do you say about these critics?"

Slater: „I heard that, too and I want to change it. I can understand the critcs, because there are matches like that at Wrestlemania, as I said not the best man in there won and only the best should be champion. That is the problem at the moment. before I became champioon, I was in the title picture, too and became a servant. What was the problem there? Not one single one vs. one win. It was me against Walter with Imperium and Strong with the Era, you always face more than just one man, that isn’t the type of champion people want to see, a champion who can’t win alone, but I am the One Man Rockband, so I will change that.“

Samoa Joe: "Okay, let’s change the subject. What is your opinion about the Triangulo de la Muerte, with Dario Cueto as the new leader and their feud with Minestry of Darkness?"

Slater: „I mean, as I said, I am a lonely wolf, I don’t need all this friends a group around me. If you need people around you, you need a leader who tells you, what you need to do, because you can’t figure it out yourself. Then, yeah then Dario ist he right one as the leader. A good leader is important, I myself whitnessed Adam Cole as Leader oft he Undisputed Era, even so I wasn’t part of it by my own choice.“

Samoa Joe: "Talking about the Undisputed Era, how is your relationship to them? Have anything in the last weeks changed?"

Slater: „Well, we don’t talk to each other, but i think both sides respect and understand what each side has done. I am not the team player, but I have to admit that I learned something in that time. It came down to my title win and I now take the things I deserve. I do it alone, they do it together as a team. I was a bit surprised they are back together again, good for them and while they are in the World Tag League our paths won’t cross, I think that is the best for the moment.“

Samoa Joe: "Another hot topic in these days is this whole Story between MJF and JBL. What is your opinion on how a Legend should be threated and all this little tricks that both of them are using against each other?"

Slater: „A legend deserves respect, but now is our time. I can understand MJF, if some legend comes up and wants the Intercontinental title, I would treat him as everybody else. That is mine and legends have to know when their time has passed and if every match after that, they will lose respect. When it comes down to their tricks, they are just frightened. They just don't have the guts to just fight eacht other for real. I showed tonight how to handle problems with one another and Jeff at least tried to do the same, haha.“

Samoa Joe: "Allright last question, another very twisted story is the story of Edge, Christian, Dasha and Christain Casanova what is your opinion on that and how do you rate the events of the Tag Team Match vs the Lucha Bros?"

Slater: „This is why I prefer fighting alone, all this problems with other people. That is so unnecessary and nobody goes out as winner of this in the end. Casanova thinks he won this round, but in the end there is a loss on his record, he seems to forget that. The only winners of all of that are the Lucha Bros who had an easy victory. You can't blame than for that. Casanova will have some problems with the numbers advantage on the other side, I know what I am talking about and if the doesn't think his actions to the end, like this episode, he will have a problem with the others.“

Samoa Joe: "I think everything it is being said and that is enough for this episode of Talking Smack. Thank you for your time Heath! Thanks also to the fans watching at home we will be back next week with two guests! Who? Tune in and find it out. See you next week.. night night!"


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