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Powerhouse Hobbs

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Samoa Joe: "Ladys and Gentleman, times flies by.. we are here again Live on the UPW Network for the fourth episode of Talking Smack. It was certainly one of the most chaotic RAW that we have seen in the past months and as announced on the last Episode of Talking Smack tonight we will have two guests! Both of them had a rough night and one of them was even attacked brutally just before his Title Match. Please welcome Kazuchika Okada and Rocky Romero!"

Samoa Joe: "Welcome Rocky, no disrespected but I’m surprised.. I expected you to come with Okada? Where is he? Was The Backstage assault so bad that he can’t be here tonight? Could you give us any update? "

Rocky Romero: "Well, we all expected something else from this evening now didn't we? I for one expected Kazu to walk into Talking Smack your NEW UPW World Heavyweight Champion... but I guess... well, we have to postpone this event, because Kazu was rushed to the hospital after the attack of that brat, Jay White."

Samoa Joe: "Oh that doesn’t sound really good.. I had other plans but since we are already talking about. Explain it for our fans at home. What is this feud about? Where does this hate come from between Okada and Jay White?"

Rocky Romero: "Hell, what would I know? I don't know what little Jays problem is to be honest. Maybe it's jealousy, because after coming back to Ultimate Pro Wrestling Kazu was already making headlines, while little Jays comeback was just a footnote. Or maybe it's because of that rotten ass, Gedo. God, I hate this motherf*cker."

Samoa Joe: "Now we know here it comes from but how can this whole thing find an end and what is the target?"

Rocky Romero: "Until tonight, we had no problem with little Jay and rotten ass Gedo. Tonight though... those punks made it personal. So, championship goals aside... I think we have to teach those guys a lesson."

Samoa Joe: "I see that you are still very upset so let’s change topic for a few minutes. Let’s talk about the other things that happened on RAW. Barrett wants to make his one night only comeback for a match against Kenny Omega, what are your thoughts?"

Rocky Romero: "I like it and am looking forward to it. I did my research and good old Wade was... or let's say 'is' one of the biggest names in UPW history. But, boy... never underestimate Kenny Omega, let me tell you that!"

Samoa Joe: "Talking about interesting things. Few months ago Roman reigns made his comeback in the UPW since than he is become let’s say strange. What do you think about his new attitude and apparently his problems and actions that we have seen on RAW against Kevin Owens?"

Rocky Romero: "Boy, oh boy... truth be told. I dig the bad dog attitude. And for me there is just one simple explanation for all of this. Roman wants to make a statement... plain and simple. And I'm digging it. I really do! He needed to change... he needed to show this kind of aggression and I like it."

Samoa Joe: "Another very high discussed topic is this whole story between Aleister Black with the Ministry of darkness and Karrion Kross. As we have seen on RAW, Kross have decided to turn down the offer from the Minestry and to stand against the Minestry, was this a clever move?"

Rocky Romero: "Well, I'm not to sure about that one. The ministry is an interesting group, but Kross of all people... still is our Mr. Money in the Bank. He can be at the top of the company in a heartbeat. Hell, he could've ended RAW the World Champion. The question is though... do you want to share the mountaintop? Don't get me wrong... having the ministry at his side would be a HUUUUGEE advantage. But you're also turning a blind eye to them and that could cost you... just like that son of a bitch Gedo cost Kazu again and again."

Samoa Joe: "Well, since you're getting back to it, what are the next steps for You and Okada and what is the special thing about your friendship with him?"

Rocky Romero: "Unlike Gedo... there is a bond... there is true friendship between Kazu and..."

Gedo: "Watch your mouth, BOY!"

Switchblade: "Look who we have here, Gedo, MAIN EVENT BFF Rocky Romero himself! Seems all it takes for you is Okada to slip once backstage and you're already rushing to take his spot. First, you're taking his Main Event, then you're taking his Talkshow invitation when Mr. Tough Reporter here CLEARLY doesn't care about having you on the show - you're welcome by the way that I am saving this whole shitshow right now. But Rocky, don't you feel any shame, your man is just in the hospital, he ain't in the grave .. yet. But he'll probably wish he were once he awakens and finds out that you're losing his matches for him now!"

Rocky springt direkt von seinem Stuhl auf und scheint gar nicht mehr verbal auf die Konfrontation des Neuseeländers eingehen zu wollen, diese Grenze haben sie schon lange überschritten. Stattdessen stellt er sich direkt White gegenüber, es ist nur noch eine Frage von Sekunden, bis die Beiden anfangen, sich zu schlagen, als auch Joe von seinem Stuhl aufsteht, sich zwischen Jay White und Rocky Romero stellt und beide ein paar zentimeter ausseinander schiebt.

Samoa Joe: "Gentlemans, we don't handle business this way on my show! So Mr. White I invite you and your little friend to leave the show now or Mr. Tough Reporter has to break its own rule."

White blickt noch eine Sekunde weiter ernst zu Romero, bevor er plötzlich lacht und unschuldig die Hände hochhebt, bevor er ein paar Schritte zurückgeht.

Switchblade: "I see, Rule #1 of Loser's Club, right? You can relax, big man, we're not here to beat anybody up, I think I've done enough of that in the ring on Raw already. Give my best to your pal Okada, I'm sure I'll be seeing you boys around."

White schüttelt noch einmal lachend den Kopf, während er auf Joe blickt, der immer noch vor Romero steht, weil er sonst nicht gewähren könnte, dass dieser nicht sofort auf Jay springt. Gedo und White nicken den Beiden nochmal kurz zu und verschwinden dann aus dem Bild.

Samoa Joe: "Ladys and Gentleman I would like to apologize to all of you and to my guest Rocky Romero for this.. whatever it was. I can assure you that this wasn’t planned and as Host of Talking Smack I had to intervene to prevent worse. Rocky I hope that I can invite you again in future with Okada so we can end our conversation properly. I hope you guys will teach some respect to this outlaws. This heated episode now ends here.. Night Night!"


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