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Powerhouse Hobbs

Dabei seit: 21. Apr 2021
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Samoa Joe: "Hello everybody to the best review show in Wrestling business today. My name is Samoa Joe and tonight the UPW office has opened his wallet wide because we have a truly UPW and wrestling Legend. He is a former three time World Heavyweight Champion here in the UPWand 1 time US Champion. His motto was and will always be HUSTLE, LOYALTY AND RESPECT…..JOOOOOHN CEEEENA! "

John Cena: “WOOOW! Thank you for having me on your Show! I miss this place a lot!“

Samoa Joe: "You know that we can change it immediately haha! You look great, you are still in shape and I’m happy to have you here to discuss about the UPW and especially about RAW. "

John Cena: “Thank you, yeah I must still in shape for the various project that I have… Movies, Shows etc. etc. but whenever I have a little bit of time I watch the UPW Live and if that is not possible I record the shows on my DVR.“

Samoa Joe: "So what is your opinion about the UPW, how it developed and the current superstars? "

John Cena: “Wrestling has changed.. it’s not a bad thing but it’s different. There is so many stuff on the tv and on the internet and it’s a huge result to get the results that the UPW have. So they do certainly something right. It’s amazing to see guys like Taker and Punk still fighting at the top, I fought this guy’s more than over ten years ago…that is crazy! Taker was always one step ahead, now he has chosen Aleister Black and took him under his wings. Black had a long way to go to understand what Taker wanted from him but now he has reached his full potential and he is rightfully on the top of the foodchain.“

Samoa Joe: "Since we are on the main topic of the last RAW show. What do you think about the Main Event that was announced for the Summerslam?"

John Cena: “I think this will be one of the greatest Matches in the late history of the UPW and we even didn’t know who will participate also besides The Champ Aleister Black, ex champ CM Punk, ex ex champ Hawkins and also former Champ Okada. For the one who will win this match only the sky is the limit. And besides there is MJF with the briefcase who can cash in maybe after this hard match so it will be crazy!“

Samoa Joe: "So who is your favorite? "

John Cena: “Though question Joe! I think Black will do EVERYTHING to retain the title. It would be a big disappointed if he loses after such a short period the title. I know for a fact that Punk is mad because his title reign lasted only 8 weeks. So I think it will be decided between this two but that is only my opinion I think everybody who will be in this match has a real chance to win the title. It is a Hell in a Cell match and anything can happen.“

Samoa Joe: "I know you are a busy man John, so one last talk about the resto of the RAW Show. What have you liked and what not?"

John Cena: “ I was a little shocked by the end of the relationship between Pete Dunne and Wade Barrett. I think this is a mistake from Dunne. Barrett can teach him a lot more and can bring him to the next level. This can be a crossroad in the wrong direction. I hope for Dunne that he knows what he is doing. If Dunne takes a little pause there is space for a new contender at Kenny Omegas NXT belt. I will give William regal an advice… since for next RAW was announce Kevin Owens vs Roman reigns, I would put the stakes higher and give the winner a title shot against Kenny Omega at Summerslam…“

Samoa Joe: "Maybe you should start a career as General Manager John, that was convincing hahah ! John I thank you very much for being my guest tonight. It was a pleasure. Maybe one day if everything fits we will see you again in the UPW ring. Lady’s and Gentleman’s It’s everything for tonight. See you next week! Night night."


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